Daniel Brock – Founder & Owner of Ladder Fast

Daniel is an SEO Expert based in London who has a passion for helping businesses achieve their goals in terms of ranking in Google SERPs. He founded Ladder Fast in 2016 in order to best serve his clients in his own way using the latest SEO techniques, free from the outdated beliefs and understanding which are at the core of many prominent digital marketing agencies.

“Google has to be seen as a living entity, which is constantly adapting and evolving its algorithms to¬†provide the best search results to users. As a result, we must be constantly adapting and evolving how to do SEO, and not get stuck in our ways through stubbornness” – Daniel Brock

Created By Daniel Brock, updated on October 24, 2019

Ladder Fast

Flat 2

135/137 City Road



Tel: 07527 134820 


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